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Relating To Dreams - The Method
Presents the basic techniques for remembering, recording & processing your dreams. The perfect starter!
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Reiki Symbols in Healing
Connect with your own natural healing abilities waiting to be uncovered and developed. This is the Reiki art of healing, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. Learn how Reiki can be used to transmit..
Massage - An Introduction
Experience the gift of touch and being touched. Learn techniques to soothe, relax and stimulate. Massage - An Introduction is a step-by-step guide to five bodywork therapies including reflexology, ..
Alexander Technique
Discover the practice of the Alexander Technique, founded by the Australian born actor Frederick Mathias Alexander. This is the only program of its kind examining the movement re-education techniques ..
Soothing, invigorating and stimulating. These are just some of the many benefits that reflexology can bring. Reflexology outlines how a reflexology massage can reduce tension built-up in the body and ..
This comprehensive video discusses how Rolfing, a unique bodywork technique founded by Ida Rolf, aims to increase muscular length and overall balance by allowing the body to achieve optimal posture. ..
Chiropractic Care
Rated as one of the most complete programs on chiropractic-care, this video outlines the relationship between adjusting the spine and the nervous system. Learn the origins of chiropractic-care, its ..
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Yantra - The Power of Crystals
This program contains examples of rare Crystals used in Astrology, Healing and Feng Shui. Included are rare crystal images and figurines, examples of the Nine Celestial stones or "Navaratnas,"..
Power of Crystals
Explore the theurpeutic use of precious and semiprecious crystals such as quartz and amethyst. Learn how they are used for magnifying or amplifying healing energies.
Birds & Flying Creatures Volume 1
A sensitive and expansive lecture on the archetypal meanings of birds, insects and other flying creatures. Using beautiful imagery to illustrate stories, myths and dreams this video demonstrates the ..